What Is Jingle?  

Jingle: A Holiday Giving Program is designed to fill gaps in services and offer families facing hardship a more personalized experience based on specific needs and offer support through community donors. Though a family may be working, sometimes LIFE happens. A medical situation, a vehicle repair, roof leak...the list goes on and on.  Sadly, over the years, many of these families have fallen through the gaps and are not able to access other holiday assistance programs for a variety of reasons. 

When a crisis happens right before the holiday, families struggle to make ends meet leaving Christmas to be the bottom of their priority list. It is our goal that these families can have a great holiday without some of the added costs that come with buying food and gifts. And maybe, just maybe, they can get caught up and be in a better place for the new year. 

Many of these families typically would never ask for help, so this program has been designed as a direct referral from a Human Service Provider. Referrals are matched with donors as they come in. 

In addition to serving families that are directly referred, priority is given to families with teenagers, as children of this age do not qualify for other holiday assistance programs.  

How Can I Or My Workplace Sponsor a Jingle Family? 

Send us an email or call our office! You can call 507-373-8670 or email programs@generhealth.net
As we receive family information we create needs that describe each family. All families are anonymous and have been given a number. We then tell you the family size, and what makes up their family (example is #15 Family of 3 - Mom, 1 Son, 1 Daughter). 

When you receive a notification of a family to be adopted, you will find: 

  • Brief description of their story and their request for help
  • Age of all family members
  • Sizes of all family members
  • Gift ideas for all family members 

What Is Our Commitment To The Family? 

It is completely up to you! Your gifts to your adopted family (or families) are completely open to you. That is one of the best things about this program is the flexibility that you have!

The only 2 commitments are: 

  • Provide unwrapped gifts for each individual of the family (what you give is up to you) 
  • Deliver or drop off items at the United Way of Freeborn County on or before December 15th by 2:30 P.M.  
Thinking of ways to go above and beyond? Here are some things we have seen in the past: 
  • Christmas Dinner Basket for the family
  • Books for the children to read
  • Stockings 
  • "Swag" basket from your workplace
  • Christmas movie to watch together on Christmas Eve
  • Christmas decorations for their home
  • Gift wrapping supplies for the gifts included

To learn more call 507-373-8670 or email programs@generhealth.net